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Into the Woods
Some years ago Kaikodo presented The Magic of Trees inspired by the Japanese practice of 'forest-bathing,’ going into the woods to recalibrate body and mind, the practice proven efficacious enough to move the Japanese government to promote its practice. The Chinese and Japanese landscape paintings shown then and now allow virtual travel, a time-honored means of escape from the dusty world when an actual foray is impossible. The Magic of Trees II focused on lacquer, progeny of the miraculous lac tree, whereas now we present works of art whose subjects manifest our theme along with creations from wood itself.

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Cizhou Pillow
Large Sancai-decorated Cizhou Pillow
Imai Oshin
Imai Oshin
Lotus-leaf Form Wooden Tray
Zhu Angzhi
Zhu Angzhi
Enjoying One’s Will
Aoki Shukuya
Aoki Shukuya
Landscape in Autumn  秋景図
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