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Bingyi: Taihang Mountains will feature Bingyi’s most recent landscape paintings created during and following her 2020-2021 research trip to the eponymous mountain range in Northern China’s Eastern Yellow-River Loess. The Taihang Mountains were home to three ink painters of the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279) who defined China’s monumental landscape painting tradition: Fan Kuan (c. 960 – c. 1030), Guo Xi (c. 1020 – c. 1090), and Li Tang (c. 1050 – 1130). From this history, Bingyi reconstructs an alternative landscape tradition that speaks not just to classical art connoisseurs in China and East Asia but to the global audiences of contemporary art today.

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Hehe Erxian
The Tree of All Mountains
Qingbai Ewers
High Forests and Mountain Springs
Famille Verte Porcelain Plate
Mountain Spirit
Yixing Pottery Teapot
Windswept Pines
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